About Us

Who We Are

JMR Program Management LLC is a group of seasoned corporate professionals who offer affordable program management and system engineering consulting services during a program's lifecycle. We are experienced program managers, chief engineers and system engineers who have led and managed complex systems integration on the V-22 Osprey, F-18 Hornet, KC-767 Tanker, RAH-66 Comanche, and H-47 Chinook programs.

We have extensive expertise with:

  • On-time product delivery through integrated planning and disciplined execution
  • Development of aircraft systems from concept design through flight test and deployment
  • Deployment of extensive cost reduction programs
  • Aircraft LEAN manufacturing
  • Developing strategies and proposals for prospective domestic and international customers
  • Aircraft supportability, training systems and logistics support
  • Early risk and opportunity identification and management
  • Strong supplier and customer partnerships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers maximum value by employing sound Program Management Practices based on solid Systems Thinking Principles. Our goal is to assist in building the structure and culture required to drive successful program execution.

What we do pyramid

We have proven success through:

  • Clearly defined organizational responsibility, authority and accountability (RAA)
  • Integrated Master Program Planning  and scheduling (IMP/IMS) across the value stream
  • Strong System Thinking through the value stream: management of design, integration, test and supportability requirements.
  • Treating Suppliers and Customers as Partners
  • Continuous process improvement through employee participation
  • Early and continuous risk and opportunity management