Our Customers

We have extensive experience in senior leadership positions on a variety of aerospace products. Our focus is on planning and execution of complex systems development, production and logistics support programs. We have found that a rigorous system engineering approach, combined with strict adherence to program management practices are key to success.

We have extensive expertise with:

  • On-time aircraft product delivery through integrated planning and disciplined execution
  • Development of aircraft systems from initial concept design through flight test and deployment
  • Deployment of extensive cost reduction programs
  • Aircraft LEAN manufacturing
  • Developing strategies and proposals for prospective domestic and international customers
  • Aircraft supportability, training systems and logistics support
  • Early risk and opportunity identification and management
  • Strong supplier and customer partnerships

We have worked with:

  • US Navy/Marine Corps (V-22 Osprey, F-18 Hornet)
  • US Air Force and Special Operations Command (KC-767 Tanker, CV-22 Osprey, B-1B Lancer)
  • US Army (RAH-66 Comanche, H-47 Chinook)