What We Do

Our Services:

We offer a full array of program management, contracts support and systems engineering services. These include:

  • Proposal Management and Contract Compliance
  • Program Revenue Management and Cost Reduction
  • Integrated Planning and Scheduling
  • Process Management and Improvement
  • Supplier Program Management
  • Systems Thinking and Requirements Management

Because of our low cost structure, we offer affordable program management, contract management and system engineering services. We have extensive expertise with successful proposal development and program execution, contract and finance management and disciplined systems engineering requirements management. We have successfully deployed and executed cost reduction programs by streamlining tools and processes. We differentiate ourselves in our ability to help implement these practices where others will stop at consulting and teaching. 

The diagram below illustrates what we do.

Wheel chart for wesite

Our Products

We offer program management and systems engineering processes, tools and solutions designed to improve program performance. We offer learning modules that are based on program practices taught at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) at Ft Belvoir, VA. We will implement a culture of cost reduction in order to achieve an affordable environment in manufacturing, engineering, supplier integration and product support. 

We offer the following products at an affordable cost: