What We Do

Our Operational Capabilities

We are a group of professionals who have significant experience in Government Program Management.  Because of our low cost structure, we offer affordable program management, contract management and system engineering consulting services. We are experienced leaders who can quickly and affordably produce results. We and our industry partners have extensive expertise with:

·       Successful program execution:

o   proposal development

o   integrated planning

o   disciplined requirements management

o   Early risk and opportunity identification and management

o   Strong supplier and customer partnerships

·       Government Contract and Finance Management

·       Deployment of extensive cost reduction programs

·       USG International Program Management 

·       System supportability, training systems and logistics support

Our Products

We offer solutions that can be tailored to customer requirements in order to resolve issues and improve program performance.  We will implement a culture of cost reduction in order to achieve an affordable environment in manufacturing, engineering, supplier integration and product support.  

We offer the following products at an affordable cost:

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Our Learning Modules

  • Module 1: Program Launch (Proposal Requirements and Products)
  • Module 2: Contracts Management
  • Module 3:  Pricing for Government Proposals
  • Module 4: Systems Thinking; Requirements Analysis and Allocation
  • Module 5: Integrated Planning
  • Module 6: Cost and Schedule Baseline and Performance Management
  • Module 7: Baseline Management
  • Module 8: Risk, Issue and Opportunity Management
  • Module 9: Team Culture, Organization Management
  • Module 10: Subcontract Administration