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Our Customers

We have supported our valued customers in business development, proposal and program planning and contract execution.

  • The Lockwood Group – C4ISR logistics proposal, contracts and program management

  • Piasecki Aircraft – systems engineering and FAA certification

  • Cabrera – environmental remediation contracts management

  • Fovea Aero – UAS proposal development

  • Calculex – flight recording business development

  • Tecnico – ship repair proposal development

  • D. Gillette Industrial Services-proposal & program management

  • The United Solutions Group Inc. (USG1)- strategic advising and business development 


“JMRPM has been an enormous help to our company as we migrated from serving commercial and state clients to the very different world of federal contracting. Mike and Michele are both very 'hands on' advisers and are as interested in USG1's success as we are, ourselves. We are very fortunate to have them as part of our team."

Lara Zelnio, Vice President, USG1

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