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Our Products

Avionics Engineering

At JMRPM, we offer program management and systems engineering processes, tools and solutions designed to improve program performance.

Our learning modules are based on program practices taught at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) at Ft Belvoir, VA.


We will implement a culture of cost reduction in order to achieve an affordable environment in manufacturing, engineering, supplier integration and product support. 


We offer the following products at an affordable cost:

Program Management
Office Meeting
  • Proposal Development Tools & Support

  • Program Red/Gold Team Support

  • Program Integrated Master Plans

  • Program Cadence &  Structure

  • Program Review Structure

  • Program Metrics

  • Cost Reduction Programs

  • Risk & Opportunity Program

  • Change Management Program

  • Supplier Metrics & Status Reporting

  • Independent Review & Assessment

Engineering Plans
Systems Engineering
  • Proposal Red/Gold Team Support

  • Independent Reviews

  • Requirements & Gap Analysis

  • Trade Studies

  • Risk & Opportunity Assessment

  • Design Review Support

  • Tailored Processes.  Improvement Programs

  • Specialty Engineering Support

Structural Designing
Learning Modules
  • M1: Program Launch (Proposal Requirements and Products)

  • M2: Contract Types

  • M3: Pricing for Government Proposals

  • M4: Systems Thinking: Requirements Analysis and Allocation

  • M5: Integrated Planning

  • M6: Cost and Schedule Baseline and Performance Management

  • M7: Baseline Management

  • M8: Risk, Issue and Opportunity Management

  • M9: Team Culture, Organization Management

  • M10: Subcontract Management

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