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What We Do

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Our Services

We offer a full array of program management, contracts support and systems engineering services. These include:

  • Proposal Management and Contract Compliance

  • Program Revenue Management and Cost Reduction

  • Integrated Planning and Scheduling

  • Process Management and Improvement

  • Supplier Program Management

  • Systems Thinking and Requirements Management

Our services are best in class, yet affordable, because of our low cost structure.  We have extensive expertise with successful proposal development and program execution, contract and finance management and disciplined systems engineering requirements management. We have successfully deployed and executed cost reduction programs by streamlining tools and processes.


We differentiate ourselves in our ability to help implement these practices where others will stop at consulting and teaching. 

The diagram below illustrates what we do.
Revenue Management

​Meet your budget and achieve a healthier cost-base with our Cost Reduction Programs while getting greater insight into how efficient your spending is and how effective your revenue generation is with our Top & Bottom Line review and analysis. ​

Process Management

​We Streamline Processes by using Integrated Metrics and analyzing, reviewing, and/or implementing a Program Battle Rhythm to inspire effective communication, synchronization, and organization.

Proposal Management

We know what works. Together, we will devise Winning Strategies and use those to develop Compliance Proposals that mitigate program risks. 

Supplier Partnerships

Having Suppliers as Partners as well as Integrated Plans promotes great mutual interest and the drive to help one another. The synergy and support lead to reliable and successful relationships. 


Improve your Team Environment by having a clear definition of Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority within your organization. 

Integrated Planning

We utilize Technical, Cost & Schedule Integration as well as Early Risk & Opportunity Management in our planning to promote synergy within and across projects.  This results in decisions that are not only best for the project, but what is best for the organization.

Systems Thinking

We incorporate Requirements Management, Resource Requirements, and Environment Awareness when implementing our systems thinking philosophy and diagnostics. This leads to a more comprehensive and longer-term solution to your chronic problems. 

Contract Compliance

Ensure that obligations are met, on schedule, with proper Contract Administration. Get the Deliverables you need, when you need them. 

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